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  • Robin Wood Tarot and Tarot of the Old Path Side by Side Comparison

    Robin Wood Tarot and Tarot of the Old Path Side by Side Comparison

    Tarot of the Old Path was my first tarot deck in 1999 and I really love the major arcana. I struggled with the minor arcana until I got the Robin Wood Tarot, which had minors which were much easier for me to understand. This is a side-by-side flip through of both decks.

  • Soul Cats Tarot (Deck Review)

    Soul Cats Tarot (Deck Review)

    I am absolutely in love with this deck. I don’t even have a cat. My mom has always had cats and still does but I’ve lived with only a dog for more than a decade. What I’m saying is that you may find this deck stunning even if you’re not a “cat person.” Soul Cats…

  • Kawaii Tarot (Deck Review)

    Kawaii Tarot (Deck Review)

    Kawaii Tarot is, no surprise, absolutely adorable. I remember when I was first learning tarot, there was pressure on a forum I frequented to eschew the cute and go for the dark, serious, masculine. I ended up buying a lot of decks I never liked and no longer own. Nowadays I buy what I like…

  • Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition (Deck Review)

    Tarot Original 1909 Circular Edition (Deck Review)

    No sooner did the copyright on the RWS tarot expire than everyone and their brother came out with their own edition. This one is by Lo Scarabeo. They also have it in a standard version but the round caught my eye. It comes in a box that looks exactly like a round of cheese, with…

  • The Wandering Star Tarot (Deck Review)

    The Wandering Star Tarot (Deck Review)

    This deck is friendly and approachable. It has upbeat colors and keywords that are worked into the design. The card stock has a matte finish and shuffles well. It feels sturdy but not rigid. The backs are reversible. Strength is 8; Justice is 11. There is minimal nudity — only in the World card and…

  • Tarot of the Divine (Deck Review)

    Tarot of the Divine (Deck Review)

    This deck was created as an homage to the stories we have told one another across cultures and throughout history. While each story is unique to a specific time and place, every culture has stories of bright young adventurers, forbidden doors, or promised lands. In this way, the Tarot of the Divine fosters appreciation of…

  • The Magical Nordic Tarot (Deck Review)

    The Magical Nordic Tarot (Deck Review)

    In this deck, the Nordic imagery is complemented by symbolic animals, from wolves (for protection) to owls (for wisdom), which provide a deeper insight into the cards’ meanings. A keyword is included on each card, indicating its main theme at a glance. from the guidebook by Jayne Wallace This lovely deck comes with a small…